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Woman (Kerry Greenwood) was born so long ago that computers were called books.

She had a deprived childhood in the company of incorrigibly blonde dogs and it wasn’t until she met Man that she learned the crucial importance of having cats in her life. Since then, she and Man have maintained a comfortable establishment with a great multitude of cats.

Woman is now attendant-in-chief to Belladonna, the avatar of the goddess Basht in this vicinity. Her duties include stroking, petting, combing, cuddling, being sat upon, having her hair slept on, keeping the Mountain Of Tins well-stocked and administering powdered rocks as required.

She spent many years defending the lost, stolen and strayed in the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court and elsewhere, and has devoted much of her life to indulging her zeal for justice. Greenwood Never Prosecutes.

When her duties permit, she writes best-selling novels including the Phryne Fisher series (as seen on TV), the Corinna Chapman books, the Delphic Women trilogy, Out of the Black Land; the Broken Wheel heptalogy, and many other works. The rest of the time she stares blankly out the window.