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Shadow is the adopted sister of Dougal and was born in Straitened Circumstances (a small village just south of Tottenham).

She was an orphan kitten who shared a cage with Dougal and talked him into adopting her.

She has a passionate devotion to food of all varieties and believes that spiritual salvation is to be attained by climbing trees, copying Belladonna’s mannerisms and sleeping on Woman’s hair. Shadow also believes that Belladonna is her mother but is living in denial about it.

Shadow is a qualified ninja and has taken a number of courses at Miss Belladonna’s Tree-Climbing Academy. She graduated with first class honours in Assertiveness Training and a major in Getting Down Is Actually Just As Easy As Getting Up. This notoriously challenging program has defeated many cats but Shadow mastered it at the first attempt.

She has blossomed from her early days as a kleptomaniac and has matured into a wonderfully kind, gentle cat; most of the time.

She lives for the day when Belladonna will finally admit her parental relationship and allow her to train as a goddess on earth herself. Until then she will continue to eat everything in sight and say WHAT?? a lot.

You Can Chat to Me Soon

You'll soon be able to chat to me directly (without Dougal having to get involved.  That's going to be great fun!

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