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Man (David Greagg) was born in the Triassic era where he made friends with a number of sabre-toothed kittens who had found their way there by mistake.

His love of taking cats for walks began there, and they explored a great many forests and river valleys until they discovered time travel and made their way to the modern era.

Together with Woman he has been co-manager of the Seddon Found Cats’ Home for the last few millennia. In his spare time he likes going to parties. He believes that champagne is the nectar of the gods and that blonde isn’t just a hair colour; it’s a lifestyle choice.

Man is also the author of Eaglehawk, It’s True! Burke & Wills Left the Frying-Pan Behind, It’s True! The Vikings Got Lost, Australia’s National Parks, and he ghost-wrote both of Dougal’s autobiographies. At various times he has been an economist, accountant, company secretary, policy analyst, astrologer, TV quiz show contestant, teacher of mathematics, chemistry & physics, consulting mathematician, medieval warrior and accredited wizard.

He will do, at various times in the future, other equally unpredictable things.