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Dougal is a gentleman cat who lives beautifully at the Seddon Found Cats’ Home (qv).

After some traumatic early experiences in his kittenhood he discovered Man running his paw along the edge of the cages at the Lort Smith Hospital. He spends his days asleep in the front garden, sitting on The Chairman’s Chair, lying on the roof, reclining on his luxurious bed and soliciting munchies from Man.

He attended Miss Belladonna’s Tree-Climbing Academy and passed his examinations at the third attempt. He is a consultant Mouse Inspector at Clan Destine Press, and assists Man in his mathematical work by rubbing his face against Man’s paws whenever Windows crashes to calm him down. Dougal took a graduate program on Advanced Hiding In Boxes until he decided he couldn’t be bothered with higher education any more unless there was more sleeping in it.

He is an accomplished warrior who believes that because he does not contend, no-one can contend with him. Although if that doesn’t work he will, if necessary and with considerable reluctance, belt you into the middle of next week. But only in defence of his girl cats. If he’s by himself he’ll just run away, because he believes that Boy Cat Fighting is strictly for losers.

He now practices Zen meditation and believes that one day he will either attain Nirvana or finally catch the Little Red Dot.

Meet Dougal

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